Roman Dutschak, Kathrin Rüffer, Dieter Ruhnke, Anke Schuster Roman Dutschak, a co-worker of Jürgen Draeger, Anke Schuster and Dieter Ruhnke Photos about Jürgen Draeger and his work are hung Photos about Jürgen Draeger and his artistic work Preparations Building up the bar Jürgen Draeger prepares for the later demonstration of a new piece of art The entrance area through which the guests will enter later on Jürgen Draeger having a conversation with Dieter Ruhnke Roman Dutschak, Kathrin Rüffer, Jürgen Draeger and Dieter Ruhnke Soundcheck of Tiefenrauschorchester and ORWOhaus-Duo Still the guests are absent The delicious bufett created by the  Mundelkoch. Partial view of the bufett The dessert The ORWOhaus-Duo with Wolfgang Gretschel and Cem Süzer Soundcheck with Cem Süzer of the ORWOhaus-Duo Tiefenrauschorchester and  ORWOhaus-Duo make arrangements Leo Königsberg preparing his gig. Installation of the „instruments“ The satellite dish is the most important instrument of the Tiefenrauschorchester Leo Königsberg of the Tiefenrauschorchester installing his instrument, the satellite dish Dieter Ruhnke and Jürgen Draeger; in the background Cem Süzer of the ORWOhaus-Duo that cares for the background music Mrs. Thyrolph is being welcomed by Dieter Ruhnke Mr. Ruhnke (GSE gGmbH) is presenting the inaugural address, later he hands over to Jürgen Draeger, first tenant of the studio house The guests listen the speech of Mr. Ruhnke magnetisedly Jürgen Draeger explains why he moved from Wilmersdorf to Oberschöneweide Jürgen Dreager announces his masterpiece that nobody has seen before Shortly before the unveiling of the new masterpiece of Mr. Draeger The unveiling „The secret of Oberschöneweide“ Sven Herrmann (Schauhallen), Leo Königsberg (artist), Anke Schuster (GSE gGmbH), John Keane (representative of the owner, the irish Toruro GmbH) Dieter Ruhnke welcomes Sven Herrmann Sven Herrmann (Schauhallen) rises to speak Leo Königsberg, John Keane, Anke Schuster and a co-worker of Jürgen Draeger Ingo Schneider, Herr Schock (Schockverlag) and other guests Dieter Ruhnke, Mrs. Thyrolph guests Dieter Ruhnke talking to Leo Königsberg The Tiefenrauschorchester with Christian Glass and Leo Königsberg giving a short performance. Susanne Reumschüssel is documenting. Leo Königsberg performing The Tiefenrauschorchester at its gig. talk The charming staff of the Wrapstars Evenmanagement. guests guests guests Jürgen Dreager and the photographer Wolfgang Ikert partyguests Jürgen Draeger talk talk Antonia Simon (Schauhallen) Visitation of the studio house Visitation of the studio house Visitation of the studio house Visitation of the studio house The video artist Daniela Butsch with a friend Visitation of the studio house Visitation of the studio house Antonia Simon (Schauhallen), Anke Schuster (GSE gGmbH) und Tanja Schomaker (Arthur Berlin) The documentarian Mrs. Reumschüssel. Mrs. Reumschüssel Jürgen Scheper (Schauhallen) and Mrs. Reumschüssel Jürgen Scheper (Schauhallen) and Mrs. Reumschüssel Dieter Ruhnke (GSE gGmbH), Joachim Hoffmann (Archplan) and Sven Herrmann (Schauhallen)

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